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Girlfriends is a popular half-hour comedy series about four women and the strong bonds of friendship.

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Jul 21st 10:30p ET

I Don't Wanna Be a Player No More

Joan finally decides to break it off with Derrick and Kurtis, Meanwhile, Toni gets thrown into jail after having a fight with Tammy, who allegedly set her up to get carjacked.

Jul 22nd 9:00a ET

Party Over Here

In this first half our of the special one hour season finale of 'Girlfriends', Maya moves into her apartment, Toni and Todd try to come to a settlement, William pursues Monica, Joan attends an A list party, and Lynn writes a song revolving around the girls and how the four are drifting apart.

Jul 22nd 9:30a ET

Ain't Nothing Over There

In this second half hour of the special one hour season finale of 'Girlfriends', Toni and Todd prepare for the custody battle, William runs into Monica and insist to rekindle the old flame, Maya learns of Darnell's offer to Florida to join a pit crew, and Joan's night ends as bad as the next day...

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