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Twenty-something half-sisters Mona and Dee Dee grow up separately, then become neighbors helping them realize that despite their different upbringings they share more similarities than they thought.

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Apr 16th 7:30p ET

The Big 'You're Not the Boss of Me' Episode

Delicious Records is bought out; and a new boss, respected music business veteran Kai Owens, takes over the company. She is bringing many of her own associates along, so she begins conducting interviews to see which employees will get to keep their jobs. Adam, exhilarated by all of the drama, giddily celebrates each new firing by banging a gong. Mona fears that she will be the next to go because she is terrible in interviews.

Apr 17th 7:00a ET

The Big Love Is Here...Now You're Gone Episode

Camille returns from a vacation in London and behaves coldly toward Spencer. She finally admits that she is desperately homesick and has decided to move back to England. Phyllis upsets Mona by giving her a gift, a cat she saved from a shelter. (She sees it as a sign that Phyllis has given up on Mona ever giving her grandchildren.) Big Dee Dee decides to record a song as a birth announcement. Mona helps Dee Dee and Big Dee Dee search for an affordable studio.

Apr 17th 7:30a ET

The Big I Haven't the Vegas Idea Episode

Mona tries to find time alone with Nick, but her mother and Dee Dee can't seem to get the message. Dee Dee's longtime friend Aurora comes for a visit. She was once extremely obese, but has now experienced a dramatic weight loss, thanks to a gastric bypass surgery. She is not used to having men pay attention to her, and Dee Dee worries about the fact that she seems to overreact whenever someone pays her a compliment.

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