Living Single

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Follows the lives of several single male and female roommates and friends in 1990s Brooklyn, New York.

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Jun 12th 8:30p ET

Woman To Woman

Max's college roommate, Shayla, comes to town for her wedding. Max is stunned to learn that Shayla's intended, Chris, is a woman. She is hurt that Shayla failed to disclose the fact that she is gay, particularly when she discovers that Khadijah had known the truth since college. Max behaves...

Jun 13th 8:00a ET

Glass Ceiling

Kyle receives a promotion, but becomes extremely disenchanted after realizing that he is no longer allowed any contact with clients; the entire job consists of attending meeting after meeting. When Kyle is asked to speak before a church youth group, a young man who has followed his career closely...

Jun 13th 8:30a ET

Kiss Of The Spiderman

Max defends Jackson Turner, an environmentalist accused of murdering a CEO. He insists he was on a plane at the time the crime was committed, and Max locates a stewardess who remembers his snoring. Max and Jackson begin falling for each other. After he is cleared, they go to his cabin for the...

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