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The sensational Grammy award winning singer/actress Brandy Norwood stars as Moesha Mitchell, a vivacious young woman juggling romance, college, ever-changing family dynamics and friendships.

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Apr 16th 5:30p ET

Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Moesha worries alot about Hakeem that since he took the job as Assistant Manager for Clayton, he's not gonna go to college, so with no choice, Moesha decides to confront his mother Ms. Bernetta Campbell.

Apr 17th 4:00a ET

Birth Control

When Nicey reveals that she is the first one of the group to have sex, a curious Moesha visits a health clinic to find answers to her questions. She is prescribed birth control pills which Dee finds resulting in a talk about sex. Moesha meets Aaron for a romantic night but all doesn't go as planned

Apr 17th 4:30a ET

A Class Act Christmas

Moesha and Hakeem are bummed to learn that Eddie have them working on Christmas Eve. She tries to find a good excuse so that she can finish her last-minute shopping. An elder man visits the store to apply for a job, but Eddie tells him that they haven't hired anyone new in awhile. Later, the unemployed man is now dressed as Santa Claus and holds the entire store hostage.

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