The Parkers

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The Parkers, is a spin-off series from the hit sit-com Moesha, which follows the outlandish antics of a unique mother/daughter duo, with often clashing priorities, as they pursue undergraduate degrees at Santa Monica College in California.

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Apr 16th 6:30p ET

Practice What You Preach

Nikki throws a naughty girl party for her visiting friend, Karla, who turns out to be a minister.

Apr 17th 6:00a ET

Could It Be You (Part 1)

Andell sets up Nikki and Johnnie to get Nikki out of the house.

Apr 17th 6:30a ET

Little Change Never Hurt Anybody, A (Part 2)

Kim learns she is unable to graduate, Professor Oglevee is offered a position at another university, and Nikki worries about her relationship with Johnnie.

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