Sister, Sister

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Tia and Tamera are identical twins separated at birth and reunited as teens.

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Jul 22nd 12:30a ET

It's My Party

The twins heed an uncle's birthday advice to "seize the day" by skipping school and flying to Chicago for a hip-hop concert instead of celebrating with their parents, but a series of misfortunes turns their dream day into a nightmare - especially when Lisa and Ray uncover the truth.

Jul 22nd 12:00p ET

Child's Play

When it is SAT time at school Tia starts freaking out, but Tamera is taking it easy. When the twins ask Ray Lisa for a tutor, Ray says he should do it. Not happy by this, the twins say they need a real tutor.

Jul 22nd 12:30p ET

A Friend Indeed

Tamera entangles Tia and her friends in a sticky web of deceit after she lies about being able to get a celebrity to appear at a school fund-raiser. Music group Immature performs.

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