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The Game is about the lives of the fictional San Diego Sabers professional football players and their family, friends and agents. Melanie Barnett (Tia Mowry-Hardict) gives up an offer to Johns Hopkins medical school to follow her boyfriend, Derwin Davis (Pooch Hall), to San Diego, where he plays for the Sabers. Melanie has to acclimate to her new life as a med student and also the girlfriend of a professional football player. She befriends Tasha Mack (Wendy Raquel Robinson), who is the mother of the Sabers quarterback Malik Wright (Hosea Chanchez), and Kelly Pitts (Brittany Daniel), who is the wife of the Sabers captain Jason Pitts (Coby Bell). Kelly and Jason get divorced in S3. Chardonnay Pitts (Brandy) joins the cast in S5 and marries Jason.

Next Airings

Jul 21st 11:30p ET

A Very Special Episode

When Malik turns down the advances of the wife of the Sabers' owner, she becomes upset and returns with a vengeance -- unwilling to take no for an answer.

Jul 22nd 11:00a ET

Whip It… Whip It Good

Jason leaves Brittany with Tasha, while Melanie's relationship with her parents sours after she marries Derwin.

Jul 22nd 11:30a ET

Never Surrender!

Malik tries to end things with Parker, and Tasha's lie about her relationship with Dante is exposed.

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